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Modern businesses need a reliable, versatile and affordable storage solution for their ever-growing data. NAS (Network Attached Storage), in many use cases is not meeting the requirements yet many enterprise solution is too expensive to deploy. We truly understand an innovative solution must be created to address this need. Thus, we build storage server which blend NAS and enterprise storage in one, delivering high performance with highly scalable, reliable and cost effective architecture.

Innovative Features - All Series

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Robust™ Storage Solution is designed from ground up to innovate the way data being scaled, managed and stored in both SME and Enterprise. Our solution resolved storage challenges from multiple aspects including but not limited to Scalability, Reliability, Business Continuity, etc.

Expand Storage Capacity On-the-Fly

One of the culprit of ordinary storage server is the server must be offline in order to add on new capacity. Robust™ Storage Solution is designed to ensure business continuity, in which adding new hard disks, expanding storage volume can all be done while remains online. Storage access will not be interrupted.

Support Petabytes and Beyond

From Terabytes to Petabytes and beyond, Robust™ Storage Solution is ready to support via Red Hat Gluster Storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage and Nexenta.

Linear Scale Out with Gluster

For Data Centers, Media Companies and University with fast growing data and mass deployment of virtual machines (VM), Robust™ provide scale-out storage platform which enables IT to grow storage capacity and performance linearly while maintaining functionality to address business needs that change over time.

Seamless Auto Backup

Using Robust™ means you do not have to back up manually anymore. Scheduled based backup will be configured, reports will be generated for each backup. Advanced backup are available via Bacula or StorageCraft.

Reliable & Affordable Business Support

Robust™ provides complimentary One-Year 9/5 Business Support for all storage products and solution. Yearly subscription is optional. For mission critical deployment, 24/7 Premium Support is available.

Green IT / High Performance

Robust™ storage servers come with choice of single Intel® Atom / Xeon E3-1200V3 / E5-2600V3 or dual Intel® Xeon E5-2600V3 processors, support up to maximum 256GB ECC RAM, choice of 4x 1Gigabit or 2x 10Gigabit LAN with link aggregation (a.k.a trunking or bonding).

Support Major Operating System

Robust™ Storage Solution works with Microsoft Windows Server and most of the open source operating system (OS). Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu Server, Fedora, FreeNAS are amongst the famous options being officially supported.

No Operating System and CALs fee

Robust™ Storage Solution are based on Linux/BSD, distributed mostly under GPL/BSD free software license, which is free for commercial use. Commercial OS i.e. Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Nexenta and SUSE Linux Enterprise are available for purchase.

Wide Range of Sharing Protocols

File sharing is what Robust™ Storage does best. Every major operating system is support with SMB/CIFS (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS), NFS (Unix), AFP (Apple), FTP, iSCSI (block sharing), WebDAV, Rsync, OwnCloud and others.

Drive Redundancy

Software / Hardware RAID support for both operating system drives and data drives. RAID supported are RAID 0/1/10/3/4/5/6/50/60. Even more, we support ZFS with RAID-Z / RAID-Z1 / RAID-Z2 / RAID-Z3 for data drives under FreeBSD.

Reports, Manage & Monitoring

IT personnel can either opt to receive daily email report of Robust™ server status/health or integrate the system with Nagios Monitoring. Managing the server can be done via GUI, Terminal, SSH, Ubuntu Landscape, etc.

Multiple Functions in One

Robust™ understands being more productive with lesser cost is an ideal scenario for SME. Robust™ storage server is versatile enough to run applications or services in parallel with minimal to no impact to its file sharing performance. Example: VirtualBox, Apache HTTP Server, OwnCloud, Dropbox, CRM, ERP, etc.

Features - Robust Twelve+™

Download Robust Twelve+ Mid-Tower Storage Server PDF

Robust Twelve+™ is a breakthrough in mid-Tower storage server design and configuration. It is a perfect storage server for start-up and any companies that has less than 20 employees or do not wish to build a server room.

World 1st High Dense Mid-Tower

Robust Twelve+™ is the world first mid-tower business storage server that come with 12x 3.5" HDD bays and 2x 2.5" SSD/HDD bays. It has the highest density in the market, within a compact mid-tower chassis that not only sits quietly on your desk, it is rack friendly too.

ECC RAM Without High Cost

Unlike ordinary NAS (Network Attached Storage) which mostly has non-ECC RAM installed by default and double the cost for purchasing an ECC RAM enabled model, Robust Twelve+™ installed with ECC RAM while remaining an entry level price tag.

Ultimate Cost Saving

Traditionally businesses that need 12x and more hard disks bays must buy rack servers which incurs higher cost. With Robust Twelve+™, we free customers from this dilemma and give you more budget investing in larger storage capacity.

Scale Up to 148TB

By adding an expansion unit, Robust Twelve+™ can be scale up to raw capacity of 148TB. Under RAID-6 configuration, maximum supported capacity can go as high as 120TB.

Unmatched Performance

Robust Twelve+™ has unmatched performance in its class as components are easily upgradable. From single Intel® Atom to dual Xeon E5-2600V3, from 4Gigabit LAN to 2x 10Gigabit LAN with link aggregation, etc.

Convertible to 18x 2.5" SSD

Customers who looking for super high speed transfer could get customized edition of Robust Twelve+™ that support as many as 18x SSD. This is especially useful for computer graphics simulation, engineer cache data and heavy duty database.

Our Services and Solution

Scale-Up Storage / NAS

Linux, RHEL, Nexenta, Microsoft, NAS

Scale-Out / Object Storage

Red Hat Gluster / Ceph Storage, Gluster + oVirt

Backup / Archive Server

Linux, RHEL, Bacula, StorageCraft

Hybrid Cloud Integration

EasiShare, OwnCloud, Dropbox

Storage Architecture Design

Robust™ provides professional consulting service to help design your storage architecture based on your business needs.

Implementation & Managed Service

Robust™ business and premium support deliver peace of minds running your mission critical servers and applications.

Our Storage Servers

ROBUST Twelve+ ROBUST Twelve+
Vertical stand mode
ROBUST Twelve+ Horizontal ROBUST Twelve+
Horizontal stand mode
ROBUST RackStor 1U ROBUST RackStor™ 1U
Entry Level Storage
ROBUST RackStor 2U 8 Bays ROBUST RackStor™ 8 Bays
Entry level storage
Up to 54TB+ raw capacity
ROBUSTstorage 12 Bays ROBUST RackStor™ 12 Bays
Trusted by SME
Up to 72TB+ raw capacity
ROBUSTstorage 16 Bays ROBUST RackStor™ 16 Bays
For fast growing SME
Up to 96TB+ raw capacity
ROBUST RackStor 2U Cluster ROBUST RackStor™ 2U Cluster
High Performance Clustering Storage
ROBUSTstorage 36 Bays ROBUST RackStor™ 36 Bays
Enterprise storage
High availability and reliability
Robust Scale-Out JBOD Robust Maxx™
Massive 60 bays
Connect up to 4x controller

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